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As someone pointed out above:

Being asked to train your replacements isn't compatible with "being made redundant". You're redundant if the role substantially changes or no longer exists. Not if they just decided they'd like someone else to do it. That you're being asked to document or train people in how to do your entire job probably means your role isn't redundant.

No different to saying "Hey, John, get out, I found a kid who can do your job for £10 less". Sure, you can do that. But you can't just do it blindly and unquestioningly and without attracting a LOT of unwanted attention on your HR processes.

"Insubordination" doesn't cover "I object, and I've voiced my objections, and I believe others around me will voice theirs, and by the way general feeling in this company is against these plans".

HR are not the sole determination of what's right and wrong, no matter what they might think.

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