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At mostly Popsi but to everyone in general...

I agree with Popsi that a logic bomb isn't the answer where merely enforcing the rules can be much more destructive. One employer I used to work for told me I was no longer needed & wanted to escort me from the office, I told them I needed to uninstall some personal software from my station first, they refused & frog marched me from the building. That personal software was an automation suite that I had purchased to make doing my job easier, but since I no longer worked there *they* didn't have the right to leave it installed. So I called up the software company, told them that my former employer was illegally using *my* copy of the software, & asked what I could do about it. The solution was I got a fresh copy of the software & a new license key, the software company promptly deactivated the old & now illegal copy. I can only imagine the "fun" my ex employer must have had when all the automation scripts I'd set up to help me do my job suddenly stopped working & my old station started screaming "I'm running illegal software! Register me! Register me NOW!" Theoreticly my ex employer SHOULD have reformatted my station to a pristine state before reloading it with approved software & reissuing it to a new employee, but knowing the penny pinching nature of said bastards & how much they loved to scrimp everywhere they could, they probably didn't do any of that before putting a new person down at the machine. I was told later by an old coworker that I was correct in the guess that manglement hadn't scrubbed the system & shit their knickers when all my scripts stopped working. "It was chaos. Utter fekkin' chaos. It was almost as if you had PLANNED it!" He laughed himself sick when I told him what I had done & how the company had essentially shot themselves in the foot.

So don't drop a logic bomb in hopes of destroying expensive stuff, simply enforce the rules - especially the ones most likely to bite them the hardest on the arse at the worst possible moment.

*Evil gleeful cackle*

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