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Yeah, I remember a similar "used by Google" test question. It went along the lines of:

"You have been shrunk to 3 inches tall and are in a blender. How do you escape?"

I thought for a minute and then answered "pray", which didn't impress. Apparently the correct answer was "jump", on the basis that muscle power scales according to mass, so regardless of how tall you are you should be able to jump the same height if all other factors are the same. When this was explained to me, I pointed out that A: Most people use a blender with the lid -on- and B: If someone has the power to shrink me to 1/24th my size, catch me and then stick me in a blender then I don't think a quick jump is going to solve that particular problem (lid or not).

I have very little patience for trying to find "correct" answers to blatantly contrived scenarios.

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