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One move and we shoot

I work for a highly profitable section of a loss-making European subsidiary of an under-performing global corporation. Our profitability is based on being the sole providers of old but effective technology that we work hard to keep viable enough to make it uneconomic for our customers to migrate. When their code has been bedded down for 30 years it is good argument to maintain stability.

We have watched while huge swathes of other business lines have been shipped off to low wage economies around us and it wasn’t a huge surprise when rumours floated around that we might be asked to train our colleagues in Pune how to do our jobs. We made assumptions about what would happen next. What did surprise our management was the large number of emails from the staff pointing out the number of people with the knowledge they needed who would simply retire before passing on their knowledge, leaving them with a skeleton staff and big pile of manuals. The rumours stopped, nothing more happened. We took on a lot more local PFYs.

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