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Yes, the whole "IP address ownership" practice is the fundamental cause of the current situation. In the early days, they were given out to whoever asked for them. Then, there was no accountability causing the assignable address pool to exhaust while there were lots of hidden surplus (never used) address blocks. When they were offered for sale in recent years, often the purchasers turned out to be IPv6 promoters! There are also lots of addresses with expired registration. Instead of recycling them after a certain period of time (like the telephone numbers), they have been held waiting for someone to register. This gives hackers the opportunity to fake it for claiming the ownership. Meanwhile, emerging regions and rural areas of developed countries are for sure short of IP addresses. The list of surprises goes on and on, if one looks at them with conventional logic. It is really convoluted.

On the other hand, we figured out a way to relieve this shortage issue with a proposal called EzIP (phonetic for Easy IPv4) to IETF. The EzIP utilizes the original IPv4 standard RFC791 and the long-reserved yet hardly-used 240/4 address block to expand the assignable public address pool by 256M (Million) fold:

Basically, the EzIP approach will not only resolve IPv4 address shortage issues, but also largely mitigate the root cause to cyber security vulnerabilities, plus open up new possibilities for the Internet, all within the confines of the IPv4 domain. A degenerated form of the EzIP may even be deployed "stealthily" for isolated areas where needed. These should relieve the urgency to deploy the IPv6 for an appreciable length of time, as well as to discourage the IPv4 address trading activities.

Feedback and comments will be much appreciated.

Abe (2018-07-26 22:48)

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