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I had a surreal conversation with a plumber recently...

All I did was to give a BT-HomeHub its last rites and stick in another consumer Modem Router.

My client sounded more perplexed than annoyed when he rang to tell me "The boiler's not working on my Iphone."

I then spoke to their plumber who started talking about "switching it off and switching it back on again". Before I could say "Hang on a minute m8, that kind of language is reserved for IT people" he was telling me to look out for a MAC address on the side of the boiler controller.

It took a while to sort that one out, but at the end of the exercise the boiler manufacturer agreed that they had given us duff information about what to do if your router is changed. Some configuration was needed at their end.

How many IoT device users have abandoned their devices because it is just such hard work trying to maintain them?

I mentioned this to my client, but having just spent a lot on the boiler it is not something you can rip out and say is unacceptable just because the app doesn't work reliably. Before replacing it he should bizarrely be discussing his choice with an IT person, as well as his plumber.

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