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Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

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You can’t spell IDIOT without IOT...

I studiously avoid most of this fluff as unneeded to my lifestyle... if I need to know what’s in my refrigerator I open the door etc.

However, recently I was gifted a sous vide cooker. If you’re not familiar, this is a recirculating water heater that you use to slow cook meat to specific levels of doneness. The great hook is, it is impossible to overcook with this method. So long as you cook for the minimum time, the meat is just done, whether you like rare, medium well, etc. The method works great.

If there was ever a device that did not need network connectivity, this is it. However, to use it, I am supposed to ...

Download an app

Connect to the device via Bluetooth

Use the app to identify the device

Configure the device for WiFi connectivity, which requires me to register with the manufacturer (who of course will allow me to identify myself via Faecesbook...)

Then, I can heat water.

Alternately, I can use another device, that has a power switch, and a rheostat to set the temperature.

I use that one.

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