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One other note about how we were able to do this so quickly:

Yes, the Nimble Storage InfoSight team were pretty surprised to see how many sensors were already coded in the 3PAR OS. There's something like 7TB of data that is created per day per 3PAR array. That data has been sent "home" for years across an installed base of 75,000 3PAR units - so lots of opportunity for learning. What we didn't have before InfoSight was a predictive analytics platform to really dive into the data and learn from it.

So have all that data is what has made integrating 3PAR with InfoSight easier than most would have thought. However, getting to that next step of case automation does take engineering resources to develop them. That said, the PEAK team is pushing out updates for 3PAR every two weeks so I expect the case automation to increase exponentially over the next few months.

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