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Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

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"What exactly is the Internet-of-Things?"

1. Its a Smart TV that exists for industry-wide consumer surveillance

2. Its a vacuum cleaner with video cam for remote spying capability

3. Its the very next Alexa / eavesdropping smart-speaker clusterfuck

4. Its a car that will spy on you anywhere / everywhere you go / drive

5. Its a kids toy that will burn your kids privacy badly or even horribly

6. Its a home security device that will often leave the front door open

7. Its a home security system that will track your family for hackers

8. Its a CT scan / hacked medical equipment that gives a lethal dose

9. Its a kettle or home device that's hacked to start a fire while you sleep!

0. Its a cyberwar device for ddosing and conducting WW3 attacks etc.


IoT is basically


1. A solution to a problem no one really cares about versus flying cars

2. An empty marketing sales pitch in search of some real practical use

3. Intelligence / Spying target-device that Govt has promised to exploit

4. A device that phone homes reliably, but fails when you need it to work

5. A host of juicy data left wide-open on an Amazon S3 Cloud bucket

6. A marketing device designed to bump GDP / Surveillance-Economy

7. A 'Scam' perpetrated on unwitting low-hanging-fruit users / consumers

8. A clusterfuck of unintended consequences that'll burn vulnerable people

9. Endless devices offering 24/7 Worldwide-Surveillance Orwellian-Hell

0. - *Internet_of_Threats* - *Internet_of_Tat* - *Internet_of_Twats* -

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