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"By pressing down a special key - It plays a little melody"

In principle, whatever you type as password can be represented as character bytes in hexadecimal notation, or even just decimal (numbers). So, restricting the character set just means that each symbol has fewer random options, but you can make the whole thing more random again by making it longer. No special keys required.

In practice, when I assigned random hexadecimal codes as passwords for a fleet of servers, some were rejected. Not apparent why, but I got around it by changing the format from 1a2b3c to 0qz1a2b3c - the start always being 0qz, the rest being random.

When I had to change them all again, I used 1a2b3cqz0 - new random numbers, and qz0 at the end, so that the new password wasn't "detected" as "too similar" to the old one.

Also if there is a fixed length - such as Wi-Fi key - then don't skimp on the randomness. I think that random alphanumerics are good enough in practice, though - although each character has about 5 or 6 bits of individual self-expression instead of 8. But a sentence in English has about 1 bit per character of variety, I think.

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