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Re: How can you transfer anything to Twitter?

They're talking more about stuff like metadata - you could transfer your friends list out of Facebook and automatically follow the same people on Twitter even if they have different usernames you don't know.

I'm sure some people will like this, but others will hate it - just because you're Facebook friends with me doesn't mean you want me to find you on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Or worse, phone if you've given your phone number to Facebook (yet another reason I'm glad Facebook doesn't have my phone number)

It is questionable whether any of these companies really want to do this however, except to another company that feel is a 'peer'. If I started a new social networking service to compete with Facebook, people able to download their friends lists into my service would allow switching from Facebook in a matter if months if mine was popular (i.e. if it did something crazy like putting user privacy ahead of revenue)

Surely Facebook would put plenty of roadblocks in the way of someone trying to export their crown jewels, the connections between their billion users, into a startup that's trying to eat their lunch.

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