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Download & Upload

Except it's only a fraction of what they have gathered.

This is like nearly pointless.

It took me AGES to find ALL the different "sync" settings that Google had "thoughtfully" put on my phone.

I do NOT want opt in by default to create a web accessible list of contact information, automatically!

What if I had been stupid enough to use my real name and a weak password when I bought my new phone recently and HAD to create a gmail account to use it at all?

See also Nook, Kobo & Amazon eInk readers. Reduced functionality or NO access at all to device you just bought unless you create an account on their service. I think with my iPhone 4S I only had to create an account to use iTunes.

Google's Playstore, Barnes & Noble and Kobo want a Credit card too. Sadly Amazon has that already, but I can't seem to disable book purchases to loan Kindle. I found on Amazon if you make a trivial change on web site you have to re-enter Credit Card details, that though madly only blocks regular Amazon Website use. I don't trust even good passwords.

If you delete account on Kindle, Kobo or Nook, even your own eBooks (either self authored or free downloads, say Gutenberg) are deleted as well as bought items.

These big USA companies are ABUSIVE.

By default they all opt you into marketing emails.

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