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Thanks for all the good columns.

> "got an air line and a percussion attachment. He opened the bonnet, had a good look, aimed the tool carefully, and there was a short "PRRFT, and then he simply hand-spun the fan off the now-loosened bolt."

If any of you have a suitably size air compressor and air tank. I can say an impact wrench is wonderful to have. I don't know if the electric ones work as good, but they don't make the cool air tool sound.

I was replacing an alternator in a car. I thought I lucked out as the new one came with a pulley already attached. But alas, it had a slightly smaller diameter and I couldn't get the belt tight enough. I couldn't loosen the nut on the old alternator as the pulley just spun even clamped between two boards. Finally went and bought an air impact wrench for my compressor. The nut came loose in a jiffy with me holding the pulley in my gloved hand.

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