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Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

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- Yep, no need to force this on people. However, can we please learn that you need to be able to REMOVE THE JUNK THAT THEY PREINSTALL.

Exactly this. I actually don't have a problem with a company pre-installing whatever apps they'd like, just as I don't necessarily mind Dell, etc. selling machines with extra shit I don't need. The problem comes down to whether or not I can REMOVE that shit once I get the machine home. On PCs you can (at least for now) unload all those applications you don't want (the MSWin10 built-in "apps" may be significantly harder to forcibly remove, but it *can* be done). Ultimately you could even go so far as to install a base copy of MSWin (not as easy as it used to be, but still doable) or go the smarter route and install Linux (ah, the downvote-bait).

Now, this should be the same way with Android devices. Let the vendor build the image however they want. But the *REQUIREMENT* should be that ALL apps are uninstallable, ALL preferences should be configurable/customizable. Ideally you should have root-level access available somehow (granted, not automatically active, but available, and accessible without having to grovel for a papal dispensation). But I expect NONE of the parties arguing for OR against restricting Google really want YOU to have the ultimate right to decide.

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