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"The issue that sticks in the craw is that Google apparently don't allow an OEM to produce two Android devices, one of which is fully Googled-up while the other is not. If they're different devices they should be allowed to use different licensing schemes."

Nothing is stopping them from doing just that; they can take the free Android kernel and build their own operating system, incorporating whatever rubbish home developed apps they want to. If they produced one that is better than Fully Googled Android then, just as Chrome beat out IE, they/it would beat out Google,.

The chances are more than 50/50 though that it wouldn't be better and would be so full of Samsung, for instance, rubbish that you couldn't uninstall, and wouldn't be able to change default search, email etc. and would "slurp" your information and data to Samsung rather than Google.

The end of this route is that the only decent option for a mobile phone would be one that is Googles own.

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