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> The bill read: "hit car with hammer: 5. Know where to hit: 95."

Some years back, the viscous coupled fan on my Landie froze, so I decided to replace it with an electric one. Removing the old fan seemed really hard. Some people spoke of having to buy a special tool, others that it could be done but only if you were a contortionist. I took it down to my local old-style garage, and asked f he could help. He said "Pull it in closer," and while i was doing that got an air line and a percussion attachment. He opened the bonnet, had a good look, aimed the tool carefully, and there was a short "PRRFT, and then he simply hand-spun the fan off the now-loosened bolt. As he closed the bonnet, I said to him "That took 10 seconds and 25 years." He smiled, understanding me perfectly.

He wouldn't charge me either.

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