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So Long

and thanks for all the fish tales.

And the current tale?

Here's one I was told by my boss (I'll call him Fred) from when he was a humble service engineer in the 1970s.

He was forever going to the same place, because one of the operators kept messing about with machine settings. Eventually he caught the guy in action and sort of casually asked what he was doing. He was informed that the machine was 'unstable' and the guy was trying find the controls to correct it. Fred then wandered off and found the manager. Between them they cooked up a little ruse. Fred goes back to the machine and pokes about for a bit, then the manager turns up and asks Fred what model the machine is, and on being told swears and says they've been swindled and given the older model without a stability control. Operator is now looking pretty smug, and Fred is 'instructed' to fit one ASAP.

Later a new control is fitted while the same operator is on-shift, and wiring threaded through the machine to an obscure point, where a note is left telling others to call the office before touching it. The 'control' was apparently a broken potentiometer that would go round and round, with a click where the end stop used to be.

They never heard from that place again, but did occasionally get puzzled phone calls from other service engineers.

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