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Having done a little research, it looks like:


You can change default search engine

You can change default browser (and the defaults for most other types of content)

Yes, you may have the google apps installed, but you're not forced to use them.


You can change the default search engine

You CANNOT change the default browser - you can open things in other browsers from Safari, but not you have to initially use Safari to view pages

Apple are one of the largest single manufacturers of phones - shouldn't it be a level playing field?

If manufacturers of phones that use Android don't want to use Google Search / Chrome / ... its pretty simple to configure the phone not to use them by default (unless its in their contract to use them - I've never seen the contract!)

Obviously, all the Android-using phones that are in the supply chain (really anything after design!) won't be compliant with the EU ruling - and many non-Google phones will never get a software upgrade to fix the situation even if Google / Android release it...

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