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I've heard tell, more than once, of social services thinking "okay, this poor sod's got some bad paranoia and some clear religious leanings: maybe the local priest would be willing to do a blessing or something to calm them down?".

The local priest might do, or they might give the diocesan exorcist a call. CoE exorcists are generally trained in mental health issues, because, well, Anglicans are generally inclined towards being Sensible about things.

And so, a meeting is arranged. the priest talks to the poor soul that social services are worried about, and with appropriate due diligence decides that maybe they should go with the ritual route. Social Services attend because they need to be sure nothing untoward is happening, and honestly who would turn down a chance to see an actual exorcism? They don't exactly happen three times a day at the Odeon.

The usual result is a calmer client, the priests comfortably convinced there was nothing demonic going on and happy to have helped, and at least one social worker now 100% certain ghosts are real and they just saw one banished.

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