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Any kind of VR-related issue, especially if it involves Android, is a veritable dog's dinner these days. Nobody is interested in anything beyond being able to claim that their stuff supports Oculus and Vive, especially if it would involve any actual work. There is no way to convince any developer to even just simply integrate _existing_ engine support for plain side-by-side 3D support which then you could view whichever way your ersatz-cardboard allows you; absolutely nobody is interested in the tiniest of gestures if it's not about the OR or Vive. Did you know that the Unreal 4 engine includes SBS-3D support built in out of the box that can be enabled via a simple command line parameter without ever even involving the developer - and that it still displays the left and right images _reversed_ in spite of multiple several year old bug reports...? Yeah, there's VR hype for you... nurse! ...NURSE!!!

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