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"The competition authorities most certainly CAN go round inventing all manner of funky punishments, under the title of "remedies"."

Well, there's clearly a huge misunderstanding here, because for me (and I suspect, for most people), the terms "punishments" and "remedies" are different, and mean different things. Right now, the executive *has* ordered Google to find remedies, and they have to do so under 90 days. More fines might come if they don't comply. That's what they need to do to fix things in the future.

The punishment, however, is the fine levied for past behaviour, because the past can't be fixed.

Since you like comparisons, let me try to use one to make it clear: you get a fine as a punishment for your tail light being broken. Replacing the light is not a fine, nor a punishment, it's the remedy to the situation, and what you must do to avoid another fine.

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