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....we are approaching a time of living in "interesting times"

Except that within the smart-phone eco system, you have apple and....?

Then came google...that created an android smart phone -- except the bad thing they did was make it cheap enough for the masses. There wasn't an android market before they created it. Now others demands a piece of the pie. Why didn't they do this with apple? Apple never opened up their iphone -- still hasn't. Only reason google got hit, is that it made enough for many phone makes to get involved. If it hadn't created competition among phone makers to create android phones it never would have gotten in trouble.

They should have contracted with 'one' no-name phone maker and called it the google-phone. They might have to charge 10x (apple-like) prices for having no competition among the phone makers, but then no one would have sued them to open up their phone to 3rd competition on every nut+bolt.

It's also different from MS -- in that MS created the platform+OS 0-- then locked people out of providing competing programs for that platform, where it was clear that those apps were independent of the OS.

But in google's case, there was no way to market their product -- the search engine unless they first invented the platform to carry it. I.e the app (search) was the motivator for creation. So, now google should walk away from the platform with their app -- since they no longer have a way to ensure their app is on their platform -- they should toss the platform out to everyone and create a locked up phone like apple where only google apps would play.

With MS -- they couldn't walk away from the OS -- it was the only thing they had.

This is very backwards in so many ways.

Looks like it is war again -- commercial war -- the right of the Yankees to sell their goods w/o restrictions. Lets see how that turns out, since capitalism competes at the lowest common denominator level -- of course the citizens of the US will have to get used to poverty and income like china had 25 yrs ago...but what could go wrong w/that plan???

Can the US-elites maintain control over the populace AND control world markets?... history says what will play out?.... ...

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