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"...If I can't root it, I won't buy it."

Sounds like a good plan until you realise that this is the mobile equivalent of asking the Hatton Garden gang to hold onto your spare house keys while you're away.

There isn't a root tool on the planet that meets even the most basic notions of security or propriety - not the last time we looked anyway. The fact they exist at all is testament to how broken this industry really is.

The one question we've always pondered is why the mobile makers never learned from the Microsoft debacle of yesteryear: OEMs could have clubbed together - either to force MS to back-off (easier) or, even better, produced a quality alternative to Win (only a bit less easy). In the case of Android both opportunities were achievable from the start. Unfortunately they were squandered and lost finally when CyanogenMod bit the dust.

The result? Poor customer experience, bad vendor faith at every level and literally tons of landfill.

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