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Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

JimboSmith Silver badge

She said manufacturers were interested in licensing Amazon's FireOS Android.

Replace a Google-controlled ecosystem with one controlled by Amazon? Colour me unconvinced…

Speaking as someone typing this on a Fire HD8 I cannot but agree with you. Amazon is as bad if not worse than Google with the bloatware and other crap. I have disabled Alexa by turning on the parental controls but the Alexa app still attempts to contact Amazon. I've disabled the microphone and covered the cameras so it won't work anyway even if it gets through the NoRoot Firewall. On my phone I realised when this fine was announced I'd never seen an advert and never used Chrome or most of the Google bloatware. Google may be bad but Amazon are a very close second. The GUI on the FireOS is dreadful and I couldn't wait to install Launcher Hijack and Nova.

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