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So google could just say they will stop updating android, lock down the code, encrypt it and no longer issue any new updates to non google made phones.

They could. But they won't. Because the reason they abuse their Android monopoly is not because they make a profit out of Android. They still make 95% of their turnover from advertising - Google are a massive ads company - who do a bunch of other stuff in order to sell ads. And I'm sure they'll maintain Android because not only does it push lots of users to Google services (to see more ads) but it also gives them back masses of data on where everyone goes and how fast (for satnav traffic info - and advertising), what they buy, who they talk to and email etc. Android is just a datalogger to improve the accuracy of targetted adverts.

But if they drop it, then various rivals can come back into the market. Windows Phone was actually quite good by the end, and I'm sure that someone could pick up the Android open source stuff and get working on it. Samsung have Tizen. It would just mean Android stagnating for a couple of years, but what new features does it really need?

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