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Google aren't very experience at attrition at all. After the ruling on vertical search they spend a year wasting the Commission's time in offering solutions that clearly took the piss. What happened? That friendly Commissioner who was bending over backwards to help them left, and a new Commission came in that just happened to owe a favour to Axel Springer (for getting Merkel to drop her support for Cameron and back Juncker). And so the pisstaking continued for a few months, and Google got fined €1.5bn. And lost their appeal. So how did that work out?

What Google need to do is to take regulation seriously and sort their shit out. Otherwise there's a few more areas of dodginess that they might find themselves fined for. And each time they're seen to fail to cooperate with the investigation and then refuse to cooperate with a solution, the penalties will get bigger. Not to mention the PR cost of being seen as a dodgy corporation. Facebook are now having to do TV adverts about how they won't abuse your data anymore - OK it's a lie, but it's also a cost. And regulation may catch up with them yet.

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