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Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

Lee D Silver badge

"the requirement to preinstall Google Search and Chrome"

- Yep, no need to force this on people. However, can we please learn that you need to be able to REMOVE THE JUNK THAT THEY PREINSTALL. Whoever "they" are. This will mean a lot of "Samsung Internet Browsers" being installed, fine, activated by default, fine, but it will also mean that they'll make it a pain in the butt (or even impossible) to remove them and JUST have Chrome even if that's what the user wants.

"payments to phone makers to make Google Search the default"

- Not sure how this hurts, as such, as surely other people could pay those makers to be the default? So long as it's changeable? Is this any different to Apple being paid to direct people to Google? That could hurt if that went to court based on this case.

"and restrictions on creating "forks" of Android."

- Yep, no need for this, they just can't call it an Android phone etc.

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