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Sorry Terry, but that increasing prospertiy IS the "being more affordable" thing. What its not is waves of cash washing over everyone.

In the process of making himself the richest person on the planet, has Bezos also made me richer? Well, yes, on three fronts. Literally richer, due to owning Amazon shares. I've bought a lot of stuff cheaper than it was previously available (most of my MSc books were second hand and cost me £1), allowing me to redeploy the cash into more assets. And new technologies that have enabled me to roll out a ocuple of side businesses that are starting to bring home small amounts of bacon. And everyone likes bacon.

Trickledown is expressly not the idea that because there are millionaires today we'll all be rich tomorrow. The trappings of success accrue, as ever, to those that are successful. Those that never try to be more or achieve more will never have more, and well, whose fault is that really?

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