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Official probe into HPE’s Oz 3Par crashes would create 'further negative publicity' if revealed


Thank You. was wondering when we were going to get to the IT bit.

I've trained on 3Par before HP acquired them (also do EMC and HDS, NetApp if I'm slumming it, NexSAN if I'm having fun), it's good kit. Aaaaand Kit Falls Over sometimes. It's called entropy and we plan for it. (Six "Ps")

But, priceless.

1. Turned off monitoring. *BAM* The kit isn't to blame. It could have been calling for help all along but we'll never know. Everything Else is finger-pointing masturbation. Seriously, everyone's fired. That is blatant incompetence. Monitoring is there for a reason. Now I want to see their monitoring and alert system. Bets on it's (non)existence?

2. They didn't get Mid-Tier hot standby for their array. Couldn't Afford was almost certainly Wouldn't Afford. I won't deploy without a mid-tier. Hey, save money now and we just populate trays with just what data-size you have today. Expand as required. No biggie. But, you Will get a second chassis our I Will walk out of the project.

Now support, come on mates, we all know all support is outsourced, we all know to whom, so to feign surprise and whine is just silly. If it had been architected correctly, that point would have never been reached.

I don't see any problem here with the kit itself other than, that's what lots of us here get paid for. I see:

* Manglement.

* Bad finance decisions.

* Bad Archicture.

* Bullshit SysAdmin skills. (THAT team needs LARTed, and blackballed from the industry, no it isn't harsh.)

* I'd like to see that report that describes HPE's deployment methodology (and here they are ) because I bet it looks more like I describe above (you bet your ass EMCs does, they want to sell you ALL the chassis, and monitoring, and dedupe, and some cold storage, and some of-site, and a I'm guessing HPE might be ever so slightly less aggressive selling kit). I bet their report is blatantly full of shit.

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