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That explains...

...why I've been getting notifications on the SIMS app on my phone that my son has had 100% attendance at school for the last few weeks...

...despite having left in June after his GCSE's.

I hate the damn app with a passion. Prior to migrating to it, the school used SharePoint. Not everyone's cup of tea but the customisations meant that I could track a LOT of info from my son - from achievement (positive) or behaviour (negative) points, and why they were awarded to whether he was above, on, or below track for a given subject and so on.

The SIMS app would tell me - well fuck all of any use basically. I'd get a popup on a Friday with a summary of his attendance from two weeks before...I could see if he'd had any of the above points but not in which subject or why etc. Nothing about progress.

Basically a waste of space on my phone.

So I do wonder who's kid has been in trouble for not attending the last few weeks :)

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