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Seriously snowflake?

The employer has the responsibility to provide for the physical and mental well-being of its employees?????

No it doesn't; you do. How about this... listen better in school, buckle down, and get an education. Then you wouldn't have to work in a warehouse.

Perhaps you should try a job outdoors, in the elements... like many jobs.

Perhaps try putting your life on the line, such as first responders.

Maybe try high rise construction or trash collection.

Waaaah.. underpaid. No you're not. Look at the thousands of other occupations out there where it takes a lot more to collect a paycheck. Taking an order, tossing it in a box, putting it on a truck... etc. Not exactly worthy of high wages. You don't see most people working in department stores driving the newest cars.

Quit using WANT, want, WANT, and start using earn EARN earn.

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