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Notes/Domino is alive! Second beta of version 10 is imminent

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Notes haters gotta hate.

As a developer, I love the Notes environment. I can do everything ; use LScript, JavaScript, make webservices, design web-enabled applications... I even made an approval process for the Boss's iPhone which worked without processing anything on the phone side - all server-side processing. No add-ons needed !

I've written code to FTP data to mainframes, reformet CSV files for JIT server treatment, send webservice requests to the proper server for data processing - all without using anything other than the Notes Designer.

It is one hell of a powerful tool.

But the client ? Even I must admit that that thing is a dinosaur that the metor missed. It needs not a redesign, it needs to die in fire and be entirely replaced with something else.

But for development ? I can do anything.

I hope IBM will finally put some marketing muscle behind the next version.

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