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Intel buys eASIC because FPGAs aren't always the answer

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Ferranti or someone had Library block almost ASICs in 1980s. Not a new idea. Uncommitted Logic Arrays. Even ones with Analogue.

An FPGA is primarily for prototyping an ASIC. An ASIC may give 1/10 to 1/1000th the power consumption and 1/100th per part cost. The falling price & power consumption and ability to have a physical CPU core meant that the FPGA moved out of prototyping and very low volume niche to medium volume and less power critical/prices critical applications.

The pure ASIC is a high capital cost and high risk only for volume.

An intermediate solution has always been popular since 1980s based on standard tested library blocks. Especially when Analogue, esp RF and fast ADC etc is needed as FPGAs are basically for Digital designs.

So this is no surprise as Intel try to break free of x86 dependency.

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