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Why Lotus done faded away ..

Register: ‘Lotus, which invented Notes, and drove the product to great prominence .. But once Microsoft launched Outlook, bound it to Exchange and web-based development took off, both faded.’

May 08 1995: “there are several other ISVs who have very successfully implemented OLE Control Container .. So, I find it difficult to understand why you feel that you don’t have all the information that you need

May 25 1995: “By now, you should have received via fax an invitation to our upcoming OLE DB Design Preview

May 26 1995: “No .. I did not receive the fax. Do you know to which fax number you sent it?link

Dec 17 1996: “If a users data is in Domino and their UI/app is Notes, then windows is basically irrelevent for that userlink

Register: ‘reason Notes/Domino faded was that its development environment was a silo.’

Feb 1997: “I consider this cross-platform issue a disease within Microsoftlink

Dec 1998: “Notes/Domino R5 is very scary. We all saw the demo. Exchange has worked with teams around the company to put together a very detailed analysis of the R5 betas and the hints they've exposed on their future direction. We now have a fairly good understanding of what they are doing and where they're going. Lotus's goal is nothing less than to become the new OS - to provide the environment applications are built upon and users live in without ever needing to leave. They threaten not only the Exchange/Outlook business but all of Office and eventually Windows. BobMu points this out very eloquently in this recent maillink


Walter Bishop: Going through all those emails, I don't see anything about writing better code, possibly explains the low quality of the 'innovation'

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