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Notes/Domino is alive! Second beta of version 10 is imminent

Sitaram Chamarty

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> Last time I saw, over 130 million users are on Notes/Domino.

Not by choice.

Don't forget Notes client is the only mail client that acquired "sort by subject line" in... wait for it... 2006.

Yes, 2006.

Eudora and Pegasus had it in pretty much from day one, if I am not mistaken.

Ever tried to view all headers in an email in Notes? A *tiny* window pops up and you can't expand it. You have to look for the headers you're interested in, within what -- if I recall -- is a 20x8 text window.

I've never used Outlook, but compared to Thunderbird (speaking only of the client UI and UX), there is NO comparison.

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