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Clean up this hot sticky facial-recog mess for us, Microsoft begs politicos

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1. A $BIG_CORP is concerned about potential questionable uses of its face recognition tech. Fine.

2. The $BIG_CORP urges the legislators of its home country to regulate things like whether or not the $BIG_CORP should ask their users for permission to use the tech on the user's devices. Huh? If that's what makes your peace and quite, why don't you just start asking your users before/without any regulation? And as for 3rd party, e.g., government use of your tech they license or buy, first, things that you are concerned about are already illegal, and secondly, feel free to put restrictions into contracts/licenses. Oh, you are concerned that your competitors will not be as scrupulous or conscientious? How much is your conscience worth to you then?

3. Whether or not regulation is passed, the same $BIG_CORP will undoubtedly hide the users' automatic consent somewhere on page 739 of legalese of the T&C that users will be deemed to have agreed to by reading the text clicking on the link or checking a box, and the opt-out process will be phenomenally convoluted and impractical.

Dear MSFT, by now you are a grown-up, you don't need your parents' government's help to do stuff.

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