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I use my £2.5k pc laptop for 4k video editing, in a professional capacity, for money. 2 years old -and it's a monster desktop replacement with 4 hdd slots (including 2 NVME), 4k screen with a fair crack at adobe srgb, 64Gb Ram, proper desktop i7, desktop level gtx1080. basically STILLL better than this new macbook. It's a bit heavy and hot but at least I had the option to buy this as a tradeoff!

Nearly every diehard motion graphics artist/editor/3d designer I know still using a mac who haven't already switched (not many, any more) have finally started asking me discreet questions about moving to pc. I've even got a stock document written for them. It's dated 2016. I've sent it to 15 people so far. They are all happy with their switch.

Apple do not care about professionals. That is the message that's been going out for years, and it has been received by professionals, loud and clear.

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