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It only needs more until we can actually find cures for conditions which really weigh down the NHS finances, a easily administered cure for type 2 diabetes on it own would save the NHS 10% of it entire budget, about 12 billion pounds. That for one single disease. cystic fibrosis patient, they cost about 500 million a year. Dementia that something like 4 billion a year in costs alone could saved if we found a cure, plus billions more on the social care side of things.

There are other areas such as spinal cord damage which if we could repair them would no doubt save a large amount of money in both health and social care cost. Same with brain damage from strokes, luckily at least for one type of stroke brain damage from them should be extremely rare events in the 10 years or so.

This is where the real savings in the NHS and all health services can be made, of cause we have no clue when cures might arrive. Hemophilia for example it look like both A and B form will be curable in the next 5 years if current success of trials continues.

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