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because of some war on another we have been dragged into on a lie is creating a back log of people needing replacement limbs.....

It's just not "wars".. it's old age also and accidents.

extra few million a year to cover the cost of the latest prosthetics technology

The latest prosthetic tech isn't cheap. A dumb knee or arm is a mere pittance compared to the latest bells and whistles tech prosthetics. Yes, they do more and are worth it, IMO. However, to give them to some old gaffer in a wheelchair who won't walk or use the limb is ridiculous in the least. I don't know how the NHS handles this but here in the States, a mere prescription entitles anyone to get one if they are an amputee.

My wife is a leg amputee and to get a good leg and knee is outrageously expensive. We both know too many people who consider the high tech limbs a "status symbol" only. It's just one of the problems with medicine and cost.

Then there's the cost of the "latest and greatest" medications... again, some are considered status symbols.

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