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"Then it cannot possibly survive. If it always needs more then it can never have enough and must collapse. I hope there is a way around that. Delivering healthcare is more important than pleasing an insatiable maw."

there are things that can be done, NHS funding of "alternative" treatments should be stopped for a start. Fixing peoples cosmetic surgery screw-ups should come with a bill....

But the thing with healthcare is that no matter how much it is funded, it could be running like a well oiled machine, every department working within budget, targets on waiting times met.... but until you reach a point where a GP refers you to a specialist in the morning and you can see that specialist the same day, and go into surgery that afternoon, or as many rounds of IVF as needed, then it will always need more money.

A health service is like an R&D department. It will burn through every penny in its budget no matter how much it has.

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