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The document on pagers...

....was written like an advert of course. All fancy graphics and no substance. I know pagers are out of date, but they just wrote about 'pagers per bed' and 'staff members per pager' which infographic-style pictures. They made common errors like quoting figures to rather too many significant figures such as

"In the UK, the direct cost of pagers to the NHS is estimated to be £6,600,879". Really? £9 on the end of that, not £8 or £0'? And the savings from mobile software of £ 2,718,009!

But the thing that got me was the paragraph that read:

"This high figure is often

attributed to reliability of the

devices, which operate on radio

frequencies as opposed to

mobile or internet networks."

What in hell are they talking about?

All this leads me to think that the report is totally biased, while in fact there are genuine use-cases for pagers after all. And who knows? Maybe fax as well (but I doubt it).

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