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Fix this faxing hell! NHS told to stop hanging onto archaic tech

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Change anything and it has to be done medical standards .....

I'm running a clinical trial. One of the official steps, argued over in many meetings, minuted, recycled as firelighters etc and finally agreed with the FDA:

Dump an SQL database on system 1, open it in Word, change all the occurrences of "centre" to "center", import the database into system 2.

The PC this is done on has a medical grade PSU and medical screen, the version of Windows and MS Office has been agreed and specified. The data analyst has to sign a form to say they have done this in accordance with the procedure and that they have been properly trained.

We wrote the analysis software and could change one line to accept "centre" but that would apparently take approval from 3 popes and the captain of a winning world cup team.

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