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Massively in favour of this idea

For the big websites / standalone software companies, this is going to have to become the norm. Nothing so far has been able to shift the mindset from the "just ship it, got to be first to market no matter how poor or rushed it is" mentality, and now there's a mechanism developing that can truly make a difference.

For any big players in any market, not doing so could ultimitely become a big red "AVOID!" flag for customers if it becomes a big thing, and there will truly be an incentive to clamp down on the cheap and nasty practices that have been too prevalent up til now, as the market can then weed the cheapskates out.

As far as making it a profession goes, it's probably very risky right now unless you have the inside knowledge to exploit it at this early stage, but I can forsee huge success awaiting the people who truly get the big "eureka" moments and push this forward with innovations that nobody will dare to be without as regards making money off it. Could this be the way software development can reach the next stage of maturity, rather than all the other hopes and dreams that have so far failed? After all, I've never seen a fundamental approach that starts off by saying as a first point of principle : "All software and systems have bugs and vulnerabilities, and even planned tests will never catch the truly clever ways to exploit and uncover them".

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