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Old IBM Aptiva PCs

If you had one of those, you just booted off an IBM-pressed Windows 95 disk to format your machine and reinstall all the factory drivers. It formats and then decompress several zip files, not an actual installation, more like an image. (It beats having those in several floppies, back then.)

I lost/damaged the drivers of its unique winmodem, and sure enough they were in a password-protected .zip file inside that disk. But no password available, even in the manual there was no option for a partial restore, I'd have to REFORMAT the whole thing to get it going. It didn't ask for a password if you formatted it off the bat, however.

Cue zip cracker for DOS. First attempt, only lowercase, 8 digits. Pentium 100 MHz gauged 2 million attempts per second.... off to lunch.

The password is "magic".

If you got old IBM hardware and install disks on passworded zip files, try that. Why would they put their own Windows installation and drivers inside locked zip files is beyond me.

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