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Not security breaking, just breaking but related to the password issue.

I joined a team rolling out upgrades to a chain of opticians. We were upgrading both the Unix server and Windows client tills. I shadowed a guy the first time then was let loose on my own. I did the server upgrade not problem by following the script, then upgraded the clients, but I could not get them to talk to each other , tried typing the passkey at both end many times.

A visit from another engineer the next day (after they had been down all day for a 1 hour upgrade) showed me what I had done wrong. I normally use the number keys ont he main keyboard, above the letters, but the engineer I had been shadowing used the numberpad soI thought I would try it that way. What I hadn't noticed that was he had pressed numlock. I was typing in the same passkey on server and client, but one with numlock on and one without.

I never use the numberpad now.

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