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MEGA Mania ....... for MetaDataBase Battlers

Frankly any bank that doesn't consider the IT to be "core business" should go back to storing bags of gold in fortified vaults. ..... LateAgain

Nowadays, more than was ever the case before, is Banking's core business the command and control of media hosted narratives and especially those ones which effectively attack and expose their precarious situation and unsustainable fiat currency supply to failing intellectually bankrupt systems modus operandi as a simply complex means to an end which was the somewhat perverse and subversive exclusive maintenance and retention of elite executive global control in the hands, hearts and minds of their chosen few. A few who are no longer able or enabled to do that bidding without creating new chiefs/millionaires/billionaires with the necessary new skills to save their base performance platform.

And that is really conveniently easy with the simple quick transfer of banked wealth into an appropriate account which a principal can exercise to demonstrate the lost expertise which has their systems collapsing in the face of austere questions being asked of their dire performance compounding the inability to spread wealth around everybody. ...... you know, Make Everything Great Again

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