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TalkTalk, UK2 sitting in a tree, not T-A-L-K-I-N-G: Hosting biz cut off after ISP broadband upgrade

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Anonymous Coward

This just in. Comacast, ATT, BT and TT will merge. The new company will bring ludicrous speeds to the internet . Parents will no longer have to worry about kids looking at porn or spending to much time on the net. Gone are line rental fees. But will have to pay £2.95 per month for line conditioning. £3.50 copper rental fee. £3.50 maintenance fee. £2.95 document preparation fee. £2.95 document storage fees. £10 month modem fee. £6 to turn on wi fi. £30 to use your own modem.

You can have this for the low low price of £45 a month plus fees or wait we for got to ad VAT that's £55 a month plus fee. OF course if you want detailed billing that shows all the fees that will be another £ 2.95 a month.

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