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Even The Older Courts Were Better Equipped Than Other Countries

In the 1990's the McBarf McLibel Defamation trial pitted the goliath McBarf against Helen Steel and Dave Morris who made suggestions that McDonalds objected to,

I attended a couple of those hearings - cheapest place to escape the rain - whilst visiting London and was surprised to find that the Court Reporters transcription was made available in real time to members of the public. (On the second visit I actually hooked into the serial cable that daisy-chained these public laptops together)

I was amazed that such a service was available, the only other country I knew of was New Zealand where a series of Court Reporters would make transcripts for an hour or so then disappear to produce hard copy printouts of their work.

In Ontario Landlord and Tenant hearings are recorded. If such recordings are not available for appeals, another trail is often ordered. A neerdowell acquaintance of mine made a high-energy, high audio tone generator which he used to jam these court recordings when his, or friends, cases were being heard.

Ain't technology wonderful.

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