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I was once called in to the bosses PC

Shorty after we had been upgraded from Win98 to NT3, the boss had changed his password only to find next morning that he couldn't log in. The IT bods insisted that the only way to get his PC up and running again was to completely re-install, losing all the stuff he had stored locally in the process.

5 minutes on the interweb found a downloadable linux utility which could read NTFS and remove passwords from the appropriate hive. Another 5 minutes to write a 3.5 floppy and return to his desk and he was up and running again. No where near as heroic as the original story but I got a £50 bonus at year end for excellence beyond my job description. I later worked out that he had caps lock on while creating the password but not on subsequent attempts which was why he didn't get the usual capslock waring.

Those were the good old days, sigh. An entire OS with hacking utilities all in 1.44 MB What has the world come to that even Linux needs a quarter Gig to run in, and Windows won't run any programs unless you have at least 2GB.

OK I know some one will come up with a version of linux you can self compile to do the same trick, so I expect a few downvotes.

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