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Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual

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Sonicwalls? Many out there, but mostly in smaller orgs methinks. You're unlikely to find one in a big org. I have several dozen in play of assorted shapes, sizes and ages. They're generally better than most others I've used and are mostly stress free. The old 'can't handle VoIP' rumours are (mostly, now) just down to idiot VoIP providers and sellers who really don't have a clue. Haven't been able to break into one though, at least not yet. If you lock down the management, enable the stealth and don't leave anything stupid open they're pretty safe from opportunistic eyes and scans. Even a 'safe mode' boot doesn't wipe the admin password, only a factory reset does. The latest UI version is pretty swift.

A/C b/c you're not hacking mine.

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